News, What’s On & Timetable – Sunshine Tour Dressage 2022

 Talking Dressage
A new initiative is the Talking Dressage Championships, which is just a fancy name for classes that can have a caller! There will be 2 junior and 2 mixed age championship classes – all other championships will follow the usual BD championship rules, so no callers allowed. Don’t forget that no whips are permitted in any championships.

 Take Your Pick
You now have even more options to ride the test of your choice. Not only can you choose a different test to your original qualifier, but we’ve also introduced 4 classes that have a choice of 2 tests!

Beginners & Advanced
We’re keen to support all levels of riders, so for youngsters, beginners and those with different need there’s a Have-A-Go and a Starters Class. These are open classes at Intro level, to encourage participation with rosettes for all. One class is competitive and one is purely participation and fun.

For the more accomplished, we have special prizes planned for the Friday Grand Tour classes. Details to follow soon!

 Combined Training This year sees the return of the Combined Training, with an open-to-all class (no qualification required this year). There will be 3 sections – Intro, Prelim & Novice, paired with an appropriate jumping height.