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We offer unaffiliated qualifiers for the Sunshine Tour Championships at Hickstead, 15th to 18th September 2022 in dressage, show jumping, showing and eventers challenges. Qualifying shows can be held from 1st January to 31st July annually (from 1st November for Eventers Challenge). 

Applications to host 2022 Sunshine Tour qualifying shows & events are NOW OPEN. Venues, Centres & Clubs who registered to host qualifiers in 2021 will need to re-register with us for 2022. We are also accepting a limited number of new registrations for 2022.


  1. Submit an online application form. If your application is approved, you will be supplied with an information and resources pack via email – and post if you choose.
  2. Promote Sunshine Tour to competitors. Kindly use any / all methods: Use official wording and logos in your schedule; an official poster at your events; hand out qualifier tickets.
  3. Publicise your show dates to competitors. Just respond to our monthly email and we make an ‘Upcoming Show Dates’ calendar and publicise via Facebook and our website.
  1. Help competitors verify their qualification (different process to 2021).
    • Dressage, Show Jumping & Eventers Challenge – Publish results within 2 weeks of your show. The results can be published wherever you choose – website, Facebook page, Instagram and in any format, e.g. photo of handwritten sheets, via entry system, computerised version – as long as they are available for competitors to access in order to verify their qualification.
    • Showing – EITHER publish results OR sign qualifier forms. VERY IMPORTANT! If you are signing forms, you MUST tell us who is permitted to sign off forms and you MUST NOT pre-sign them and hand them out without the competitor details and results filled in.


  • Qualification Period: Dressage, Show Jumping & Showing qualifiers from 1st January to 31st July 2022, Eventers Challenge qualifiers from 1st November 2021.
  • You MUST NOT offer qualifiers outside of the qualification period. Please make this VERY CLEAR in your schedules, especially omnibus schedules.
  • NEW! Results must be published – see notes in point 4. above.
  • Registered Centres/Clubs/Shows are automatically listed on our website, on a printable list that is circulated to competitors, and you are given the opportunity to publicise your show dates via our Facebook page. You are responsible for submitting accurate information for us to publish.
  • ALL unaffiliated show dates held by your centre/club/show in the qualifying period are qualifiers.
  • CHANGED! 1st to 4th place qualifies (previously 1st to 6th). Qualification does not pass down the line.
  • Qualifier classes are listed below and sent to you. However, this is just for your information and to help advise competitors, it is up to the competitor to know which classes are eligible.
  • You are expected to run competitions to a good standard judged according to relevant rules. We recommend British Dressage, British Showjumping, British Riding Club, Pony Club or an official show society.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw registered shows who are not ‘playing by the rules’ or we feel that you are not upholding the standards expected, not completing the competitors’ qualification process or advertising shows as qualifiers outside the qualification period.

If in doubt about anything – please ask! or 01372 451458. 

Show Organiser 2022 Applications HERE


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Qualifier Classes 2022
Dressage, Show Jumping & Eventer’s Challenge

Qualifier Tickets
A5 size – single side print
A6 size – double side print

Qualifier Form for Showing
Showing Qualifier Form

Wording & Logos for Schedules