QUALIFICATION PERIOD:  Eventer’s Challenge & Arena Eventing 1st November – 31st July
Dressage, Show Jumping & Showing 1st January – 31st July

Before you Start: Check that the competitor AND the horse / pony are eligible to compete at the Championships.  Rules & Regulations for each discipline are available in the ‘Championships’ pages.

Step 1: Register your horse / pony. You’ll only need to do this once for the 2022 qualifying season, we’ll issue a Horse/Pony Registration number. Registrations open soon HERE

Step 2: Find out where to qualify and check which Showing Qualifier Classes or Show jumping, Dressage and Eventing Qualifier Classes are eligible for qualification. If you cannot find a registered venue near you offering relevant competitions, there are options available, so please email us on register@sunshinetour.co.uk !

Step 3: Compete at a registered centre / show / club and achieve 1st to 4th in an eligible class in dressage, show jumping, showing and eventer’s challenge/arena eventing. Make sure you take a note of all the qualification information.

For your convenience, you can download a Personal Qualifier Booklet (for best result, print double sided) to take with you and fill out with the information on the day. Please note this qualification booklet is for your personal use only and we do not accept this as proof of qualification.

Step 4: Record your qualification (online forms currently under review for 2022) and submit evidence of the qualification i.e. a link or screenshot / photo of online results from the showground.

Step 5: We will process your qualification for you and email you a Unique Qualification Number (usually within 14 days of your registration).

Any questions: Email register@sunshinetour.co.uk for help.

Ride – Compete – Qualify – Repeat.  Record each qualification, you will need a unique qualification number for each championship class that you want to enter. A guide to how many championships you can enter is below.

Note: qualification does not guarantee a place in the championship, entries are open from 8th to 14th August and are taken in order of receipt and some classes may fill on the first day of entries. T&C’s apply, it is the responsibility of the competitor to read the Rules and Schedule before entering. The Sunshine Tour is exclusively for unaffiliated and amateur riders, competing with unaffiliated horses and ponies.

Guide to How Many Championships
Each horse/rider combination can compete over 2 levels e.g. Intro & Prelim or Prelim & Novice or Novice & Elementary. Each time you qualify, you can enter one championship class. You can’t enter a championship class at a lower level than your qualification, but you can go up. So if you’ve qualified at Prelim, you could not enter an Intro championship, but you could enter Prelim or Novice. No qualification needed for open/warm up classes.
Show Jumping: Each time a horse/rider combination qualifies they can compete in one championship. You can’t have more than 20cm gap between the heights of championships you compete in. You can compete higher than your original qualification or 5cm lower e.g. if you’ve qualified at 70cm then you can compete at 65cm or higher.  You can enter warm up, fun classes, clear round and derby challenge without any extra qualification.
Showing: each horse/competitor combination’s qualification allows you to enter 2 championship classes, as long as the other class is relevant and the same horse/competitor combination. If you’re qualified class isn’t at a time you can get there or clashes, you can swap to another relevant class. You can also enter the training/warm up/open classes without any further qualification.
Eventers Challenge: Each time a horse/rider combination qualifies they can compete in one championship. You can’t have more than 20cm gap between the heights of championships you compete in. You can also enter open & warm up classes.