In support of Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance.

Competitor Turnout: Specialist showing attire is not required, but turnout should be clean, tidy and showing style. Horse/Pony Tack & Turnout: Any bridle is permitted, no martingales or boots/bandages. Natives and traditionals can be shown in natural state, other breeds and types should be plaited or hogged.

Rescue Championship Open to horses and ponies that have been removed from situations threatening to their life or serious threat to immediate health, including neglect, abuse, abandonment, sale for meat and possible euthanasia. Horse/pony can have been directly rescued by current owner/guardian or acquired from a rescue centre.

There is no time limit from the original rescue situation and presenting in this class, however there are 2 STRICT RULES:

  1. Horses and ponies must be presented in good condition, sound and healthy, so sufficient time since rescue to restore good health must have been given.
  2. Horses and ponies exhibiting behavioural difficulties may not be allowed to participate if the safety of others is in jeopardy or the judge feels that the horse/pony itself is not going to benefit from remaining in the class.

Class Format: Class will be seen at walk & trot and inspected by the judge. Ridden exhibits may be asked to give an individual show. Judging will be on turnout, presentation and condition with consideration for the age and history of the horse/pony and additional marks can be awarded for presence and appeal. Additional Assistance: Competitors can be assisted or led in the ring. The turnout of assistants is included in the judging of competitors’ overall presentation, so smart attire is advised. Stallions & Youngstock: To be shown by suitably experienced handler/rider, wearing appropriate bridle / halter and clearly display tail ribbons.

Entry Fee: £17.00. All profit donated to KSS Air Ambulance

Class S34 Open Rehabilitated Rescue – In-Hand & Ridden Open to rescued horses and ponies, any breed/type and age (minimum 2 years old in-hand, 4 years old ridden). Blemishes/conformation will not be penalised.

Prize Presentation for Rehabilitated Rescue Championship Rosettes awarded to all competitors. 1st-10th placings are awarded championship rosettes, winner and reserve receive a sash; goody bags are awarded to 4th place. Additional prizes may be presented according to sponsorship.