Qualifying Show Centres & Clubs

Eventers Challenge: 1st November to 31st July;  Dressage, Show Jumping & Showing: 1st January to 31st July.

Before going out to qualify, see the How to Qualify page and make sure you and your horse/ pony are eligible to compete.

QUALIFIER SHOWS – You can now qualify anytime between now and 31st July. We have put together a selection of qualifier shows in July. For a list of these qualifying show dates please click HERE

We are aware Eventers Challenge shows are a little more difficult to come across. For a list of upcoming Eventers Challenge shows, please click HERE

All Registered Centres & Clubs are listed below in alphabetical order, TO SEARCH for venues near to you or just in your county:

  • Type in your location (town or postcode).
  • If you want to limit the radius of your search, change the ‘Distance’.
  • If you want to limit your search to a county, use the dropdown in ‘Category Filter’.

If you cannot find a registered centre near you, there are options available. Please send us an email on register@sunshinetour.co.uk

Please check directly with registered centres and clubs for dates and full details of classes they are hosting.