Each year we get many questions regarding our various showing classes, whether that is regarding appropriate turnout, the definition or guidelines surrounding the class or the suitability of the horse.

This website has an excellent overview of showing classes to get you started if you are unsure!

We always signpost our competitors to get in touch with the wonderful resources and knowledge at The Showing RegisterThey also can be found on Facebook.

For our Foreign Breed classes, this information from the APHS is very helpful. The APHS run shows in various locations with classes for all breeds and styles.

We have specified that “other colours”, for example; dun, roan, spotted, palomino and odd-coloured, now have their own championship classes (over 148cm) or are to be judged as part of the coloured class alongside piebald and skewbald (148cm and below).

Depending on the class, we advise you to refer to the relevant society’s rulebook to give you further guidance: