🦄Showing Championships & Open Classes🦄
😁We’re grateful to continue to have a wonderful collaboration with Team Holder and The Showing Register (TSR) . As part of TSR’s support, we offer training classes on Friday, with the chance to be ‘talent spotted’ for the TSR Amateur Rider & Hander of the Year. 😁
From just-getting-going level, the Novice & Newcomer Championships through to the top-of-your-game Supreme Championships, there are extra bonuses to be won. Team Holder sponsors a fantastic prize for the Supreme Champion on both Saturday and Sunday – free membership to a showing society of your choice for a whole year!
Saturday Small Tour – wow, what a selection to choose from! There are turnout classes, lead rein, first ridden, best in-hand, best ridden, working hunter, working hunter pony, family pony, pony club pony and riding club horse. A full day of fun.
There’s also a full day of fun for Grand Tourers – turnout, lead rein, first ridden. Working hunter, working hunter pony and veterans. All full championship classes with the chance to qualify for the Supreme Championship at the end of the day.
Sunday also features a crammed full timetable of Small and Grand Tour championship classes. Just about every breed and type is catered for with an in-hand and ridden championship to take part in. There are Starters classes for anyone qualified in a fun showing class, plus junior handler, and equitation classes (also known as best rider).
🥳NEW! this year there’s a part-bred championship, both in-hand and ridden (part-bred Arab or part-bred Mountain & Moorland, minimum 12.5% breed blood, maximum of 153cm. We also have dedicated championships for show and traditional cobs, and piebalds & skewbalds are separate from ‘other coloureds’, like dun, palomino, spotted, cremello and roan. 🥳
🥸And we have finally found the time in the weekend to include a FANCY DRESS class 😊 😊 So, get your thinking caps on, glad rags out, face paint ordered, trip to the fancy dress shop organised and come join in the class – with bells on!🥸
🎉This year’s feature showcase is the Working Equitation. We’re very lucky to have the support of The Association for British Working Equitation to bring you both a have-a-go training class on Friday, and a showcase demo on Saturday. So, if you fancy a go at the ‘Ease of Handling’ phase, with some fun obstacles to negotiate, our lovely expert instructor Anita Jackson will guide you through. All activities are fully explained for newbies and can be carried out at a sedate pace, or a bit quicker if you feel like it. And sit back and watch the high-speed demo by expert riders on Saturday – it’s in Ring 5A. 🎉
Finally, on a more serious note – qualification codes this year are linked to the type of class you qualified in. If you qualify in-hand, then you will be able to take part in an in-hand championship, ridden qualifies for ridden and lead rein or assisted/fun qualifier classes convert to the same sort of championship class. You can be flexible about the exact title of your qualifier vs. your championship, just stick to the same group – in-hand, ridden or lead rein & assisted/fun.
Showing Timetable

Sunshine Tour Showing Championships

Fun & Starters classes
All novelty & fun showing classes like Handsomest Gelding, Prettiest Mare, Judge’s Choice, Best Horse/Pony qualify for the Fun Showing championships. Qualifier classes can be ridden & in-hand, horses & ponies, lead rein or assisted.
Classes for beginners or starters, classes restricted to walk & trot, introduction or have-a-go classes all qualify for the Fun and/or Starters Showing Championships.

Small Tour classes 
Any novice or restricted showing class qualifies for the Novice & Newcomer series of championships. Qualifier classes can be in-hand horse, in-hand pony, ridden horse, ridden pony or mixed height.
Novice & restricted working hunter and working hunter pony qualify for Novice & Newcomer Working Hunter & Newcomer Working Hunter Pony Championships.
Junior or child handler classes qualify for Junior Handler.
All types of rider and equitation classes qualify for Best Rider.
Any class for Pony Club Pony or Riding Club Horse or classes for versatile horse/pony qualify for Pony Club Pony & Riding Club Horse
Family horse or pony, best all-rounder or handy pony can qualify for Family Horse & Pony.
Rescued or Rehabilitated Horse or Pony – can be in-hand or ridden.

Grand Tour classes
All condition & turnout classes qualify for Top Turnout – ridden, in-hand or lead rein.
Lead Rein & First Ridden classes qualify for the championships for ages 3 years to 12 years.
Cob – Ridden & In-Hand.
Riding Horse – Ridden & In-Hand.
Coloured – Ridden & In-Hand.
Show Hunter – Ridden & In-Hand.
Thoroughbred – Ridden & In-Hand.
Natives – Ridden & In-Hand.
Foreign Breed – Ridden & In-Hand.
Part-Bred – Ridden & In-Hand.
Show Pony & Show Hunter Pony.
Veteran Horse & Pony.
Working Hunter.
Working Hunter Pony.
Working Show Horse.

Qualifier Classes 2024