This year’s show jumping timetable has had a few exciting tweaks! Don’t worry, the overall format is the same, just with some fun new championships and open classes.
Thursday, as always is dedicated to ‘senior’ riders, which is to say you’re over 16 years old on 1st January 2024. This year we’ve introduced new a championship series for ‘veteran’ riders – those of you who were over 45 years old on 1st January 2024. The veteran championships include 50cm; 60cm; 70cm; 75cm and are run as a 2-phase competition, in Ring 3A. They will all be ‘stand-alone’ championships, which means that class winners will receive a full prize set of star pointed rosettes, sash for champion and reserve and a rug for the champion 😊 You will need to qualify to take part, qualification numbers issued in the usual way.
Following your lovely feedback about the format of championships, some of the senior classes are being converted to stand alone championships, but with dual prize funds – one set for horses and one set for ponies. Each section receives star pointed rosettes, sashes and a rug or jacket. And, for those of you who love a supreme jump off, don’t worry –all senior classes on Friday (and almost all over the weekend) still feature the chance to qualify for and take part in that supreme!
Throughout Thursday and Friday, there are opportunities to take part in a clear round or open class. There’s also the ever-popular Accumulator on Friday and we’ve added an extra fun class on Friday – the Super Speedy Scurry has moved from Saturday to late Friday afternoon. That leaves a space for a new fun class on Saturday…

Mini Tour on Sunday has classes ranging from lead rein to 45cm, with assistance permitted up to 40cm. The 30cm classes are judged on faults & style, according to age group and the 40cm and 45cm are single phase. We would like to respectfully remind those entering, that this Tour is for beginners and those with different needs. We’re very protective of the introductory nature of this set of classes, so this year you may have to let us know a bit more about the rider so that we have a clear record of experience and special needs participants.

Small Tour Junior Pony classes retain their 2023 format, with 2 a full sets of Small Tour classes on both Saturday and Sunday. We have expanded our juniors on horses’ championship series, with 2 new classes: 65cm and 75cm. The 50cm to 70cm runs on Saturday and the 75cm & 80cm on Sunday. Each pair of Small Tour Junior and Juniors on Horses classes qualifies for a supreme jump off and the chance to win more rosettes, more sashes and the rug 😊 .
Grand Tour features both junior and senior classes at 80cm, 85cm and 90cm, with mixed age at 95cm and 1m. NEW! the junior and senior 90cm Supreme Championships are ‘stand-alone’ classes. It’s one round against the clock, and a full set of prizes up for grabs – star pointed rosettes, sashes for winner and reserve and a rug or jacket for the champion – no need to qualify for a second round and jump off again to get your hands on the elusive rug!
Just for fun, we’ve added another open show jumping class – the Ride & Run 😊The rider jumps a course of jumps at 60cm or 75cm, and then your nominated runner takes over. So, you need to persuade a buddy or family member to run for you and take on a challenge of obstacles and negotiate it as fast as their little legs will carry them. Lots of ringside cheering (and perhaps some laughing) is definitely needed, so this class will be in the middle of day on Saturday in Ring 3B.
Pairs fans – don’t worry! You can still buddy up on Sunday and have a crazy dash round the arena to try to win the pairs Open Jumping 😊
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