Mini Tour Dressage

The Mini Tour dressage classes are open, without the need to pre-qualify. Mini Tour classes are for young or very inexperienced riders or those with different needs, who are not yet ready or able to go into a dressage championship class.

Riders taking part in these classes cannot take part in dressage championship classes.

Assistance: can be provided by ONE person. If rider has special needs and requires assistance by more than one person, you must apply for dispensation at the time of entry, with a full explanation of your needs.

Lead Rein class – must be led; Have-A-Go class – verbal assistance only. Assistants may not carry a whip. Persons giving assistance in the arena should be smartly dressed, with appropriate footwear.

Dressage Test: Sunshine Tour Starters Dressage Test 1, available at Tests are marked and scored in the usual manner, with encouraging and positive comments.

Scoring: Mini Tour classes are for encouragement and confidence, it is not possible to accurately compare every type of assistance or ability against another, so participants are reminded that the judges scoring and decision will be final!

Prizes: Rosettes awarded to all participants.

Competitor Numbers: Only one bridle number required.

Tack & Attire: British Dressage rules on tack, dress, judging and welfare apply.